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Test of Faith is certainly well made. The frames are masterfully drawn and the animation work is perfect. The musical ambiance, sound design and voice acting also add some
character to the scene. But I'm afraid the lack of originality of the setting makes it somewhat forgettable. When I ask myself why this exists, the only answer that comes to mind is: it's beautiful porn, but little more.

I believe it would be much more interesting if all animations served a greater purpose. As it stands, this collab feels more like a disjointed excuse to get some attention. I mean, I get that this is the point of any collaborative work to some extent, but I find myself a lot more amazed when I look at one big video that got animated by a bunch of people than when I look at a collection of disconnected shorts.

The drawings and animation of some of these sketches is great and I can also appreciate the effort of both hobbyist and professional artists, but the writing for most of these skits is abysmal and almost negates everything else. Starting with Bowser eating poop should have been a big enough clue. The mood and level of humor is uneven, and the only five clips out of the whole I actually enjoyed would probably have been funnier on their own.

All in all, I can't give this more than a 2 because it feels like I wasted my time watching it.

The animation wasn't bad and there were a few good jokes which made me laugh, and I do understand a lot of work was spent on this. I usually have no problem with sex jokes and I do watch MLP, but this... this is disgusting. I'm not talking about the sexual fetish, fap to whatever you want I don't care, but making a Christmas song and animation about this... Yuk. Even "for the lol", this is not cool at all. I'dd rather watch a Serbian Film uncut.

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Catchy music, visuals that remind me of the good old days of flash games on Newgrounds and responsive enough controls... But the lack of a scoring system and challenge really hurts the replayability.

EDIT: I wrote that review when it was released, there's now much more content and the promise for more. I'm hooked :)

Excellent idea, brilliantly executed. Had it been slightly more polished you wouldn't know it was made in a jam. A few things to improve:
- Fixing the bug that prevents restarting the after a game over or victory. 😅
- Adding alternative color palettes that work better for colorblind people.
- Telling the player why they failed on the game over screen, for example by highlighting the topmost cable and marking the place where the player clicked
- An infinite game mode where cutting a cable adds a bit of time to the clock. You'd need to render way more cables at once and add some kind of depth-of-field effect to hide the fact you're spawning cables in the back.
- More distractions.

The game is nice and simple, but falls way too short.


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